paperNow that digital is tackling all of the day-to-day communication heavy lifting, it feels like design created for the medium of paper is finally coming into its own as a luxury product.

Nothing is more luxurious these days that a couple of quiet hours reading a proper book in a silent library with zero distractions from smart phones and silly people.

In the spirit of the freedom of paper – have a look at this arresting paper pop up book by artist Tauba Auerbach called [2,3].


Working somewhere between conceptual art and graphic design, California-born artist Tauba Auerbach creates compositions that exist somewhere in the state between two and three dimensions. For a colossal book project, published in collaboration with New York-based independent bookstore Printed Matter and comprised of six die-cut paper sculptures that act as the book’s pages, director Sam Fleischner caught the aural experience of leafing through the weighty tome in the above film.