viralHow do you make a video go viral?

This is the simple question that everybody in marketing asks themselves and their ad agencies everyday. Truth is, there is no secret formula. But there are a few things that help:

  • Timing: If you’re able to plug into the attention that is already being given to a particular thing, your chances of your video going viral are better.
  • Luck: Take a coin, flip it, call heads-or-tails while it sails through the air. Catch it and see which side shows up. This is statistical randomness in action and the exact same force of nature that will affect your best efforts to make a viral video.
  • Stories go viral, not videos: This is not new insight. Bible stories, urban legends and fairy tales have been passed from one generation to the next without the help of the Internet since the dawn of civilisation. Tell a great story and you might just be able to make it go viral.

One of our favourite current storytellers is New York-based Casey Neistat. Here is his video story about how to turn your Apple Watch, gold. It’s a simple story with a compelling WTF moment, told by a guy who is really good at keeping you watching.

And the behind-the-scenes look at to what he was thinking and how he made his viral video:

Great stories get shared, because the quality of the stories that we tell others determines how our lizard brains rank people in society. Have you noticed how it was the good storytellers in history that became great leaders too?

Contextualising reality is a powerful tool that is often overlooked and thought of as something children love. But we are all 6 years old at heart and our yearning for a good story never stops.


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