Motor companies have an exciting tradition of experientially imagining the future of their products by producing radically imaginative concept cars.
Concept cars are just that – concepts of what might be. Most of them don’t get produced with engines or are even able to drive, they really are just manifestations of the imaginations of the designers involved.

Here are a curated snapshot of some of the concept models that caught our eye from the recent 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota’s Auto Body Wonder-Capsule Concept – more capsule than car. More Playmobil than car too.

Toyota’s dreamy Concept-i cars

Toyota’s Concept-i Ride is a two-seat EV designed around [older] wheelchair users

Toyota’s TJ Cruiser – looking and sounding much better than the current FJ model.

VW’s I.D. Buzz – surfs up on the PlayStation.

VW’s I.D. Buzz – comes complete with robotic David Kramer doll.

Honda’s Urban EV channelling the spirit of the old Lancia Delta [the sexiest car ever made BTW}

Honda’s Robocas [Robot cabinet] looks like something that transports dirty nappies

Suzuki’s Carry Open-Air Market Concept looks like a cracking car for beach traders

Suzuki’s Carry Open-Air Market Concept looks like a cracking car for beach traders

Mazda’s Vision Coupe doesn’t look anything like the old 323 from the 80’s.

BMW presents the Concept Z4 Roadster

BMW presents the Concept Z4 Roadster – we’re not big BMW fans and this vehicle confirms that positioning.

Daihatsu’s DN Pro Cargo exhibition vehicle is an electric commercial vehicle that looks like it’s designed for the impending aged population.

Isuzu’s FD-SI concept delivery van with Future Delivery Swarm Intelligence.

Isuzu’s FD-SI concept delivery van.

Compact off road SUV that would effectively last 30 seconds in the Namibian dunes. At least there’re place to wait for the rescue team.

Smart Vision EQ ForTwo – nice disposable looking runaround.

Yamaha concept with advanced artificial intelligence – to make up for the fact that you’ll lose your mind riding this thing.

Honda’s Riding Assist-e is an experimental, self-balancing electric motorcycle


Just scrolling through these examples makes us wonder why it’s only the car industry that’s obsessed with imagining the future of the their products? Or are there other examples of this kind future-thinking in other industries?

All images via NewAtlas