We know that uncertainty and change is growing exponentially in an ever increasingly complex world. But if the key to dealing with this is to let go of our assumptions, which are routed in outdated and irrelevant history, how can we do this knowing that it is these very tightly held assumptions that got us to this point in the first place?

This process of stepping over the metaphysical ledge, the willful breaching of the edge of the mental cliff face – is what we commonly know as being creative.

This mind-bending presentation by Beau Lotto answers some of these perplexing conundrums. BTW – Beau Lotto is is a professor of neuroscience who specialises in the biology and psychology of perception.

Here he speaks at length about the ontology of creativity and how coming up with new ideas and different ways of thinking isn’t that special at all. It just take bravery.

Our take out from this – creativity is not the seeking of answers – instead it is the asking of really good questions. It’s logical.

Sadly, we don’t know too many people who are comfortable with this uncertain position, maybe we need to get out more.