yanisYou may remember Yanis Varoufakis from the fairly recent Greek tragedy that played out on CNBC and CNN last year [he was the ill-fated, motorbike riding, finance minister at the time].

Few people know that he has a masters degree in mathematical statistics and a Phd in economics.

He’s a thinker – and in this TED talk which he presented in Geneva towards the end of last year, he offers some fascinating food for thought regarding the future of democracy and capitalism.

You may wrongly think that a vibrant democracy like South Africa is somehow immune to the dangers of unhinged capitalism that we see in places like the US, but this podcast of the Redi Thlabi show on 702 with Prof Patrick Bond will have you asking more questions.

In it Prof Bond details the capitalist ‘deal’ that the Mandela government ‘agreed to’ in exchange for our democracy and is well worth the 30 minutes it takes to listen to the whole thing.

If that hasn’t got your blood boiling enough, Prof Bond’s recent article for the Centre for Research on Globalisation will be a liberating read.

One thing is for sure, questions are being asked about a capitalist system that is clearly in need of some maintenance and fine-tuning.

The affects of that potential fine-tuning could be radical.