We’ve termed the trend fantasy reality, and have developed a deep practical understanding of the kind of stories brands can tell through various immersive mediums. But whether it’s extreme fantasy reality or simply branded entertainment, but one thing is universal – The Age of the Brand Experience is upon us.

fantasy reality

It’s no longer sufficient for a brand to produce a couple of ads and expect that people will suddenly develop a longing desire to associate themselves with your product.

These days, consumers are demanding that you offer them an ‘alternate reality’ – another world – as seen through the lens of their favourite mark.

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The Dieline have a revealing interview with a senior marketer at Absolut who discusses their Absolut Elyx Experience in Sweden.

She confirms that the old brand building tools that they used to rely on just don’t cut it anymore:

“People demand more than that—they want to know where it comes from and why it’s a premium price—why they should purchase it basically. Therefore we set about creating a fully immersive experience that explains who we are and where we came from and why we wanted to create Elyx.”

“We wanted to create the ultimate vodka experience and not only show people how we make Elyx from start to finish (and that the way we make it makes THE most difference) but also to provide a platform to enable all our guests to create their own relationship with the brand and make their own memories on the trip.”

Obviously a fantasy reality journey is going to work better for some brands than it does for others, but when you consider how crappy real-life appears most of the time – the opportunity here is to not see a brand just as a mechanism of profit, but rather a portal of desired entertainment.

Fantasy reality is an escape from the Jacob Zumas and Donald Trumps of the world – and right now, who wouldn’t want that?