How to build a great brandI have a feeling that really great brands are built by people who have explored them on a far deeper level than brands that are not as remarkable.

Let me explain that.

To really know a brand you need to have a very clear connection with the complete story of that brand. And great stories are seldom filled with effortless success alone.

Great stories are about challenge and failure; the rise from imminent defeat to a place where maybe there is a road forward.
Characters that we connect with are not perfect, but they’ve got a hunger to be better which is endearing. We connect with that struggle.

Great brands are like great stories. They are a kaleidoscope of triumphs and defeats, successes and failures; all joined together on a shared journey that resonates with people.

Great brands share their full-unedited story, average brands tend to brush over their shortcomings and just tell you about the highlights.

So if you want to build a great brand you need to be as passionate about sharing the story of your challenges, as you are about your successes.

It’s the deeper exploration of that light and shade that makes you interesting and ultimately great.