Building a compelling fantasy brand is all about the ancient art of great storytelling. Luxury brands need the illusion of fantasy to make us lust after them – at any price. It’s not so much about the product as it is about the idea associated with the product.

If you have the time, or the intellectual patience, you can do some research by delving into the complex works of some of the prominent post-modern philosophers, But the lure inherent in all of this work is the yearning for a world of hyper-reality. An escape from the seemingly endless drone of our modern lives to a land of grey-graded bliss and impossibly sculpted thighs.

Is it real? Of course not – who on Earth want to fantasize about reality? This is Santa Claus 2.0, the Easter Bunny on Vicodin, the long-lost toy store [that has now transformed into a neon supermarket filled with depression] of 2014. The more the cable news networks drive the story of Ebola and ‘worldwide civilian anarchy’, the more desperate our want to jump into the rabbit hole and own a soft pillow of fantasy.

As with all things though – this is only half the story. But if you do find yourself sitting on a chair with the words ‘Brand Manager’ on it and the logo you passed walking into the office featured an old crest of some kind, then you would be sticking a blade into your own kidney to ignore this trend.

Advertising mediums are evolving and right now, things have never been better for the film industry and brands built on branded content. Here’s our collection of some recently released luxury brand films that are noteworthy for their quality and largely open-ended fantasy conclusions.

Chanel No.5

Louis Vuitton – Celebrating Monogram

Johnnie Walker – The Gentlmen’s Wager, featuring Jude Law

[NSFW] Agent Provocateur