brand meditateThe world is an increasingly noisy place.

Sometimes it feels like everyone, and every brand, is aggressively trying to shout over each other at the top of their voices to get noticed.

It’s a mad house!

What’s in serious short supply is simple peace and quiet. And spending just a bit of time to be still, breathe and value the present moment is highly recommended for people who are at the end of their tether. But what about stressed out brands?

Would taking a bit of time out to meditate work for a brand too?

Here’s perhaps what that brand meditation would look like:

– Probably looking at what is in excess [products, ranges, clients, clutter] and cutting it out;

– critically looking at how much you communicate and doing it less, but with more thought;

– stripping out some of the cacophony of ‘noise’ that probably surrounds your public image.

It sounds like flower power fighting talk, but there could be value in thinking about your brand in this holistic way and actively deciding to step away temporarily from the chaos of competitive brand building.

The real value of this rather odd exercise is that when you do return to making a bit of splash again, you’ll be doing so with more of a perceived impact than you would have had before the declutter.

So can a brand meditate? Probably not in the same way that a person would, but the mindset is well worth a try.