It’s Thanksgiving in the US, but in the UK the biggest retail time of the year is still obviously, Christmas.

Recently the big UK retailers have however engaged in a war of likability over the festive season. It has now become somewhat of a tradition for each of them to release a bigger and better Christmas ad in an effort to lure the throngs of Christmas shoppers to their particular brand of merry.

Here are some of this year’s best ads so far.

M&S Christmas 2016:

John Lewis:

What’s interesting to note is, that unlike the sentiment in America (which is very much about rock bottom prices and the gathering of even more unnecessary stuff) – festive season advertising in the United Kingdom is still very much focused on family.

There are some beautifully made commercials in this year’s crop, which must have cost a pretty penny to produce. But our favourite (by a slim margin) is #BusterTheBoxer courtesy of John Lewis. It’s pure joy.