Ronaldo 2016Ronaldo is back for Nike Football in 2016 with this mega-long piece of branded film, where the international superstar collides with a ball boy at a match – and would you believe it – they make a cosmic switch of consciousness.

The Switch

The Switch is nearly 6 minutes long and is premised on a poor, well-worn movie plot from the 80’s. Although he is very capable of feigning an injury on the pitch when necessary, Ronaldo is no Meryl Steep and should perhaps reserve his acting skills for the game.

But perhaps the exciting thing about this short film is the question it poses.

‘What if…this ability to switch were to be factually possible?’

Asking ‘what if’ of anything in life is like standing at the lychgate of the possible and imagining a fantasy, which could just be a potential reality.

‘What if you could trade places with Cristiano Ronaldo?’ Then what? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you meet? What would you experience? How would it feel?

It’s a simple film and a basic idea, but the mental gates which this idea opens up in the mind is perhaps worth far more than the potential sales of football boots that the ad will generate.