There aren’t a lot of people that commute by bicycle in South Africa. We have a dedicated car culture and bicycles are largely seen as something that is quickly replacing golf as the weekend show-and-tell-how-rich-and-rad-I-am activity.

But there are a few steely pirates out on our roads. Individuals who challenge the safety odds and launch themselves through hail and heat on their trusty mounts. They don’t own a stitch of Lycra, the Argus is something you line the cat’s litter box with and the city streets are something to be savoured and explored. These are characters in the loosely directed citywide play called urban life. And Levi’s have spotted an opportunity to design them costumes.

It’s a small market and suitable brand protagonists are rare, but it’s a world of rebels, mavericks and people that arrive at their destination with wide smiles that scream alive. 

Only a small percentage of the people who wear surf labels, are actually surfers. The same could ring true for the bicycle commuter subculture in time to come. Not sure if or when Levi’s will embark on a ladies commuter range too. Or are the ladies that we see riding the streets of Cape Town daily not part of the program here?