picks of the weekHere are our podcast and video picks of the week.

What happens to old brands that nobody wants anymore?

In the US at least, they’re up for grabs for anyone who wants to revive them. And this week’s Podcast Pick Of The Week comes from NPR’s Planet Money and details the story of the revival of Hydrox cookies.

Hidden in the trash heap of commerce there is buried treasure. Abandoned brands, even beloved, trusted brands, are waiting to be claimed and reborn.

Today on the show, a man tries to build a nostalgia-fueled empire of iconic but forgotten brands. His biggest prize yet: the once-famous Hydrox cookie, it was Oreo, before Oreo existed. Can it come back?

We had never heard of Hydrox cookies, but the story of their history, demise and recent return is a great lesson in brand revival and well worth your time to listen to it.

On the video side of things this week:

Here’s the remarkable new TVC from AirBNB which has surprisingly few global views so far:

…and this is how they made it:

From automaker Honda – their new handmade animation TVC showing perhaps a global trend of going back to analogue video production?

..and this is how they made it:

And finally – if you don’t believe that advertising in some way is a true reflection of our collective reality – here’s an ad from earlier this year that is somewhat ironic considering the recent news flow coming from this brand: