How do you, tell an emotive story in 120 seconds with no voiceover, with no clear contextualisation upfront, which must also do a great job of selling a well-known commercial brand and create anticipation for an event? The answer lies in Nike Golf’s epic Masters 2015 TVC.

Before seeing this commercial by Nike Golf we wouldn’t have thought it possible, but the ‘masters of advertising’ have managed to turn the world’s dullest sporting event into something we’re quite keen to follow this year. Personally our taste in sporting entertainment is more in the general direction of the NFL or SuperRugby. But we can grind our teeth through the awful playing of that funeral music that the Masters insists on using every time the scorecard doesn’t change, because this TV commercial has inspire us to do just that.

It’s funny how just the hand-held camera style in which this ad was shot makes you get a general sense of authenticity from the picture. Bit of camera shake and Nike is new again!

Compare the 2015 Masters style to the bolted-down, stark, fixed, ‘authoritarian’ style of the 2010 Earl and Tiger TVC:

The new version just feels more approachable, more believable, more inspirational. And that is what makes Nike ‘so now‘ right now.