Mami Wata is a new African surf brand.

The name – Mami Wata means ‘Mama Water’ or ‘Mother Ocean’ and is structured about the folktale of the ocean spirit which manifests as the image of a mermaid.

The new company has the big vision of becoming ‘the world’s first great African brand’ and to announce its arrival on the scene it has debuted its first brand film, entitled Woza.

Mami Wata

Unlike most surf brands, the new company has already hoisted its flag on the spiritual flagpole of the sport and its underlying culture. Preferring the mythology related to the ocean, above the glitz and glamour of the commercial fashion side of surfing – the new film is dark and gritty – yet refreshingly unique. In some ways, it reminds us very much of one of our favourite Volvo ads from a couple of years ago.

It comes as no surprise then that the powerhouse trio behind the new brand, is none other than Nick Dutton, Peet Pienaar & Andy Davis – all of whom have achieved legendary status in their creative efforts to date.

As we said towards the end of last year, there is a huge amount of opportunity in ‘taking Africa to the rest of the world‘ – all that’s really lacking is a certain degree of self-confidence. Perhaps tapping into the power of the great Mami Wata is a good way to recruit an ally in the quest to change that.