Nando’s is one of those South African brands that just gets it right. Over the years they have consistently succeeded in building a brand that resonates strongly with South Africans.

The irony is that they’ve done it with a very simple formula that many admire, but very few are able to replicate.

The formula that Nando’s has adopted, with great reward – is that they speak South African. It’s that simple.

Instead of trying to imitate great brands from other countries and presenting an image that isn’t quite congruent with who they really are – Nando’s are just proud to be a local brand. And that contentment with who they are is infectious.

Now churros, as far as I know – is a Spanish dessert that looks like a small donut dipped in cinnamon sugar and then smothered in melted chocolate. Let’s just say it’s not Banting friendly and not exactly a staple South African delicacy.

In their campaign to introduce South Africans to this new dessert, I spotted posters for it in Nando’s the other day, which reads: “Like a koeksister that went to private school’.

Which is so ‘Nando’s’- and only something that South Africans would truly understand. So it’s like something that we already know, but more refined.

Nando’s gets it right, because they’re not trying to be anything else other than authentically South African, which is why the brand feels so real and personal to South Africans.