Gillette have a new brand campaign – this time featuring a young transgender man getting his first shaving lessons from his father.

This follows on from the previous Gillette campaign that a lot of men around the world interpreted to mean that Gillette were criticising ‘all men’ for being ‘men’, when in fact they were just highlighting that inappropriate behaviour from men, left unchecked, in actually…just inappropriate in 2019.

At the time of the airing of the first ad – there where threats of violence against Gillette and calls to boycott Gillette products. But evidence suggests that in fact sales of Gillette products after the original ad aired, tracked projected estimates.

There was no decrease in sales. Whatever boycotts of Gillette products took place – nobody really cared.

So the toothless threats failed. Which was largely predictable.

So what does this indicate? It illustrates that the old demographics that markets used to pander to – are no longer relevant. In the greater scheme of things, it is far more profitable to attract a new, diverse, culturally-enlightened demographic to your product suite than to continue to targeted the old, tired, dwindling group of privilege that at one stage used to be your customer.

So the message is clear – go all-in on the new and ignore the dying cries of the old. A great move by Gillette on all accounts.

Here’s a link to this morning’s CapeTalk567 podcast on this topic.