diet coke

For decades it was safe to say that ‘nobody does marketing…better than Coke does marketing.’

In 2018 however – you’d be met with a blank stare if you had to utter such nonsense in a public place.

Coca Cola have seen their ranking as the world’s best brand tumble over the past decade, as teenagers have turned their attention away from slurping sugary drinks, while physically talking to each other in-person – to rather just connecting and talking nonsense on a virtual interface instead. All the usual digital brand suspects (that we all know and love so very much) have literally kicked Coke to the brand ranking sidewalk.

Of course the global fear of sugar and the lethargic, anti-social behaviour that it encourages hasn’t exactly helped Coke’s fortunes either.

Fuelled by a strict Vegan-diet and copious dollops of angst, thanks to the constant threat of the triumphant return of Paris Hilton, many anti-Coke campaigners have labeled ‘sugar the new tobacco’, which may just have made sipping on an ice cold Coca Cola on a hot summer’s day as cool as the iconic image of James Dean smoking a cigarette.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Harvard MBA marketers at Coke – who have now sprung upon this caramel-flavoured opportunity to sell the idea of drinking a Diet Coke…as an act of defiance.

Leading up to Super Bowl LII – Diet Coke have launched their ‘Because I can’ campaign – featuring¬†Gillian Jacobs and others.

There’s absolutely no attempt to try convince anyone that drinking a Diet Coke can in anyway be associated with a long, healthy life. Rather – the offer is just made that Coke tastes great…so if you feel like drinking one – just do it already.

We do however have an issue with Coke claiming that ‘a feisty Cherry isn’t the kind of Cherry that you bring home to your Mom.’ What on earth are they saying here?

Weirdly, we like this new ‘give a damn’ attitude. So many brands try so hard to be holier-than-though all of the time, so it’s refreshing to see Coke throw caution to the wind for a change.

Yes sugar (and all of it’s artificial substitutes) is really bad for you, but so is staring at your cellphone for 5 hours a day.