copyAt one time, copying the creative idea of another brand’s advertisement was considered a big no-no.

To copy was seen as shameful and sadly unoriginal. Agencies that were caught doing it, were creatively chastised – they effectively chose to conduct their operations ‘outside of the circle of trust’.

But those rules of good adverting etiquette appear to be blurring.

Just like in the world of cycling, vehicle manufacturing and hedge fund management – if there’s a gap to be taken, then it will be taken.

Here’s a great example:

This is a 2013 TVC from online retailer Yuppiechef, featuring the infamous Bella the Puppychef:

…and this, is a 2015 ad for another South African brand – who appear to be fresh out of original ideas:

So what do you think – pure coincidence, or ‘outside of the circle of trust’?