THIS IS AFRICA from Benjamin Dowie

This is Africa. The last great wilderness, the dark continent, the Motherland.

Brimming with spirit, talent, culture, openness – untamed, unspoilt, Africa is the untouched continent of endless possibility.

  • Nooo…… according to this video it’s a place of grinding poverty, no decent roads, no on-tap water, children dressed in rags with not even a real basket ball, being videoed by young rich white hipsters on hi-tech cell phones who then post to their vimeo accounts and rave about the ‘wow’ trip they had while they sip their lattes in Starbuck s luxury back home. Eeeeuuw ….

    • Which sadly sounds just like Cape Town. Without that particular angle however, Africa is a place of growth and potential. It is still a continent of vast inequality which is reality, but so is the development.