We didn’t really pay this ad much attention before, but now it’s been banned by the ASA.

According to them, it’s ‘racist’ after two people complained that the black politician / dictator is being portrayed as corrupt. For interest – here is the full ruling.

Thank goodness the ASA caught that one in time. Following on from this, Cape Town Fish Market have said ‘sorry’, which makes it all better now.

  • copyranter

    Uh, hello, he’s not a “black” dictator, he’s a blackface dictator. Big difference, man.

    • cherryflava

      The same actor also plays a female prostitute and a German proctologist, both of which he is not in real life. Why then all the focus just on the one character?

      • Sean_Jacobs

        That doesn’t cut it @cherryflava. @copyranter is right.

  • I thought that was very funny, it is the first time I have seen these (I don’t watch TV).

    I don’t know much about fish, but I thought a lot of it was frozen as cached. As in it gets caught by some guys in the North Sea that Discovery Channel are in talks with to try and make them look more exciting, frozen right away, so it can last while brought back to land, and then sent off to whatever country, and then shop/restaurant that is buying it.

    That would not be all true for all fish, some would be caught in Cape Town, but the thing is I live in Johannesburg, which is not known for it’s line fish, so if I am ordering the fish, even if caught in South Africa, I would prefer it be frozen before getting tossed onto the back of the truck, I am not sure it would smell to nice when it got here otherwise.

    That’s just me though, and like I said, I am not to clued up on fish, fishing, or catching fish, so please feel free to educate me if my information is not correct.

    That said, I still think the advert is quite funny.
    Besides, it doesn’t name the competitors, so I don’t know what the problem would be…

  • Michelle Trimborn


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  • Brett Hobbs

    This is the exact problem we have with society now as a whole, cos “we” always ensure that the sample of 1 outweighs, has a louder voice than the rest of “normal” society. Most people get the fact, in this example (and many more like the running shoe and dog), that it is intended to be humourous therefore we laugh or smile at it, cos in actual fact it is simply funny and don’t see anything more than what the intention is. Why is it that only when you go to a comedy show or a movie that it is ok to then laugh at “almost” the exactly same thing or similar vain. As mentioned, if you truly have the time to sit and analyse, I am sure you can find plenty more things wrong over and above merely being racist e.g sexist, bigotry etc. etc.
    I think the world needs to grow up and stop being so anal, and when I say anal, it is short for being too analytical.

  • Sean_Jacobs

    Only getting to your post now. I am disappointed in your flippant attitude regarding what is a racist image; and the defense by some defenders of Lowe Cape Town that blackface is somehow somewhere’s problem, is also ahistorical . But then this is the “South African” advertising industry we are talking about.