Reebok endorse Tim Noakes with branded bacon

Reebok have taken Prof Tim Noakes’ message to heart and launched a Reebok branded pack of bacon. The bacon itself is a pure as the driven snow having no sweeteners, monosodium glutamate, nitrates or nitrites.

Reebok are a major sponsor of the CrossFit Games, which advocates a LCHF / Paleo lifestyle – the branded bacon product fits into that kind of training regime. As we’ve stated before, Prof Noakes’ LCHF theories are gaining traction and becoming ever more mainstream. As the evidence mounts in favour of dietary plans that consist of less carbohydrate nutrition, it makes sense that brands would reflect that shift. The debate between the traditionalists and the converts rages on, but the proof is in the eating for the individual. If LCHF and CrossFit work for you, there are brands that will cater for your needs.

tim noakes

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  • While I do enjoy bacon, do you not think this could be considered a bad move for a company who’s main focus is not in food products.

    I am all for the eating of animals, but a lot of people aren’t. This is now company that focuses (at least what I know them for) on making shoes (I know shoes can be made from animals) taking a side in the eating of animals question.

    Could a vegetarian* who is deciding on a pair of running or soccer shoes now decide against Reebok based on the fact that they now sell pig meat for the purpose of human consumption.

    * I am saying vegetarian, and not vegan, because I don’t quite understand the differences, and I don’t know what else might go into running that would go against vegan rules. For all I know vegans already don’t use Reebok for some ingredient they use in the glue or some thing.

    • Interesting point Jonathan. I guess you are never going to feel 100% in agreement with everything a brand does and many people may well feel that their values and those of a brand like Reebok don’t match closely enough and decided to not buy their products.

      You can never mean all things to all people so perhaps the better strategy is to mean something to some people and focus on staying relevant to them.