Beer review: Jack Black Butcher Block Pale Ale
3/5our score

Real beer should be as dark as a Brazilian volleyball player and as bitter as a jilted lover. If you agree with that, then you’re a fan of a pale ale.

Brand new to the Jack Black line up, the Butcher Block Pale Ale is a beautiful bronze colour in the glass. As first sight it looks like something you ought to take seriously. When you give it a good whiff you get coconut oil…I kid you not. Coconut oil with a hint of 2 stroke exhaust on water, you know the smell you get from an outboard motor out on a vlei.

Enough of the foreplay…taste wise, the Butcher Block is a full-bodied explosion of flavour. It’s a bit like drinking bitter dark chocolate on a cold, winters day. If you like bitter beer and enjoy something that’s balanced and well made, then this one is for you. It would be great with some sticky spare ribs or a chorizo topped pizza.

This is not a beer for a typical South African beer drinker. This stuff will be appreciated by a lover of Pinotage who is looking for some complexities in their brew. Don’t be shy, give it a go.

We give it 3 out of 5.