Beer Review: Cape Brewing Co. – Pilsner
3/5our score

Traditionally a pilsner is a light, pale lager. In South Africa we are of course very familiar will a certain Hansa Pilsner that to be honest we are not very fond of. It tastes very loose and like most mass-manufactured beer is over-gassy and within sips gives you that very bloated feeling.

Today we giving another Cape Brewing Company craft beer a go – and this time it’s the Pilsner.

In the glass it’s a nice light, golden colour with lots of bubbles constantly rising. There’s a bit of foam that disappears quickly. Sticking your nose in the glass you get the faint smell of beach sand. Perhaps there may be a slight hint of coconut there? Sounds weird but stick with us here.

When you give this beer a sip it feels soft in the mouth, almost as if you’re drawing your tongue across the fur of a puppy. It’s got a delicious, rounded beer flavour, but without anything overbearing to get in the way. It almost has a slightly sweet taste, which perhaps eludes to it being a European-style of Pilsner rather than the bolder more bitter German or Czech styles.

Once again this is a very easy drinking beer, which we can easily see going beautifully with some angel fish or a chicken breast prepared on the braai.
It tastes of summer at the pool, sun setting off the Paternoster horizon with a small, sneaky foil parcel of nature’s bounty simmering on the grid. If you love a light beer that’has flavour and isn’t going to put you to sleep after the second one, this would be a good choice. Much better than that Saaz Hop stuff.

We give it 3 out of 5.