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Cherryflava enjoys a niche audience of marketing professionals, business executives and entrepreneurs. We certainly do not have massively high traffic numbers on this site, but the small band of regular renegade readers that we do have prefer less advertising noise and more relevant information when you regard the editorial environment.

As a small commercial advertising  medium we  have run successful banner ad campaigns over the years for brands like Levi’s, Adidas, BMW, Red Bull, Puma and Mercedes Benz. Feedback that we got from all of them was very positive and some of them even booked repeat campaigns, so there had to have been some value for them.

As you can clearly see we don’t carry loads of advertising stock and are a bit pedantic about what kind of stuff we do advertise here. So if you want to connect with the clever people that read Cherryflava, it’s best to give us a shout and chat about what you are after.