Cherryflava is a journal of trends and innovation – covering business, design, technology as well as the people and ideas that are shaping our future world.

Cherryflava was founded way back in 2004 by Jon Cherry. Back then, it was a step-up from a simple monthly newsletter that was sent around to a few selected subscribers, covering creative ideas and the odd ‘marketing genius’ interview. Since then the road of this blog has reached some incredible highs [being ranked in the Top 150 marketing blogs in the world by AdAge magazine] , but thanks to a serious breach in security we lost about 90% of our content back in 2010.   So what you see here today is a fluffy rabbit of it’s former self, but a small pet that is being fed purely organic carrots.

Inspiration everywhere

Today is inspiration for disruptive innovation. Creativity is the combining of seemingly unrelated ideas into something new. This website is a personal exploration of that raw thinking.

It is required reading for those who value creative thinking and are also on a journey to learn new things about the exciting evolving world of innovation around them. Cherryflava is good reading for entrepreneurs, marketers, politicians and business leaders looking for some opinionated inspiration.

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