About Cherryflava


Cherryflava is an online resource of futures insight, trends and innovation – covering the social dimension, technology, economics, the environment and politics –  as well as the people and thinking that’s shaping the future of our world.

The site was founded in 2004 by Jonathan Cherry and is ranked in the Top 150 marketing and business blogs in the world by AdAge magazine – plus it’s won numerous South African Blog Awards over the years.

Inspiration everywhere

Cherryflava.com is an excellent source of inspiration for the development of a ‘futures consciousness’ and an innovation mindset. The ultimate aim of the site is to fuel curiosity and stimulate creative thinking. All that’s required from you is an open mind.

Who should read Cherryflava?

As a daily blog, it’s required reading for those who value insight into a holistic perspective on the changes which are affecting the future; and is recommended reading for foresight practitioners, strategists, planners, entrepreneurs, marketers, politicians and business leaders looking for some opinionated perspective to use as a foundation for long-term strategic action in a rapidly changing world.