Hi, I’m Jonathan Cherry – I write and edit most of the content that you find on Cherryflava, which has become a personal inspiration journal for me over the years. Thanks to this website, I have had the privilege of meeting countless people who I have found immensely inspirational in the work that they do and the creativity with which they do it. It has also enabled me to do some very fulfilling work with some pretty impressive brands over the years – not all of it was hugely profitable, but every bit of it was educational.

Even though I consider myself a marketer, honestly I don’t care too much about the academic rules of how a marketing strategy ought to be constructed or whether a particular business trend that is emerging on the other side of the world will have a material impact on the share price of one of our JSE-listed companies. My passion is to keep on learning about the world and in some small way try understand how creative ideas make life the dynamic wonder that it is.

If you get even a ounce of enjoyment from the stories that are shared here that I get from collecting them, then an open invitation to a chilled beer is out there if ever we bump into each other.


I’ve always loved sharing inspiration and thoughts with an audience and over the last ten years have done so many times with crowds large and intimate. If you are looking for a polished marketing professional who uses a lot of industry jargon and references well-trodden theories to speak at your corporate function, then I’m perhaps not your guy.

But if you’re open to honest opinion on current opportunities [some may even seem a little out of kilter with reality] that could well be worth your time in exploring, then I’d love to chat.

For rates and booking to speak at your event, please get in touch here.